So basically, Charm School awards $100,000 to the woman most willing to stop making good reality TV.

Brandi M. took home the grand prize on last night's finale of Charm School, because the judges considered her to be the most changed for the better. (She went from being a gaseous stripper/porn star to a girl who could make speeches without note cards.) Runner up Destiney was awarded an internship at one Daniella Clarke's—one of the judges—stupid clothing line. For their final challenge, the final three contestants were supposed to help the homeless. It was fitting that they were assigned these three appropriately-dressed former contestants (Heather, Megan, and Brandi C.) to help them earn money on Hollywood Blvd.


Somehow, Megan looked more naked in this dress than she does in her string bikinis.

As for all the B.S. about how the Charm School judges helping the girls be more ladylike, don't worry, because if learning by example is any indication, these women won't be ruined from reality TV forever. At the reunion taping, Sharon Osbourne beat the crap out of Megan, who later went to the hospital.