Charm School-ers Bond Over Shared Pasts Of Sexual Abuse

Last night's Charm School actually did what it purports: Helping women grow beyond their difficult pasts in order to better their lives. During an exercise about fear, one woman revealed that she'd been molested. And she wasn't the only one.

Most of the women on this show have hard exteriors, which they admit contributes to a lot of their attitudes about fighting, their defensiveness, and in some cases, excessive drinking. When Bubbles revealed that she'd been molested, many of the women said that they had similar experiences in their pasts. They all came to a better understanding of each other — for this episode at least — and comforted one another in a rare but much-needed act of solidarity.

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I know it isn't true of every single stripper/sex worker/party girl but chances are, if you're getting a lap dance from a young woman, she has sexual abuse in her past.

I think it's important to shine a light on that. There are so many 'happy hooker' myths out there, people don't like to admit the objects of their fantasies (or derision) were vulnerable young girls once, who were very likely abused.

I had to stop watching ROL and ROL related programs. As much as it was campy hair band fun sometimes, I got the feeling BM just liked banging groupies and being on TV. No one really cared who the girls were, they just wanted them to be as over the top as possible.