Charlie Sheen Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges; Divorce Rumors Begin To Swirl

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  • Charlie Sheen was arrested yesterday morning in Aspen and charged with "second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief," after a 911 call "regarding a domestic violence situation" was placed from where Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller were staying. [People]
  • Sheen was released from prison last night after posting $8500 bond, and is expected in court on February 8. [People]
  • Mueller reportedly claimed that Sheen had choked her, though she refused to go to the hospital when an ambulance arrived on the scene. [RadarOnline]
  • Both Mueller and Sheen were allegedly "up all night" drinking, a "bad sign" for Sheen, who has been in and out of rehab for alcohol dependence in the past. [RadarOnline]
  • TMZ claims that Mueller "recanted her story to a female officer just before the bail hearing, telling the cop she was drunk when she made the 911 call," and that she was allegedly the aggressor in the situation. [TMZ]
  • RadarOnline, however, claims that Mueller was "pressured" to recant her story, and that Mueller "wants out of the marriage and has a prenuptial agreement." Says a source, "Both were separately telling friends their marriage was over before this happened." [RadarOnline]
  • "Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion."-Sheen's rep, Stan Rosenfeld [People]
  • "I think at the end of the day it will be much ado about nothing. I don't think there's any criminality about what went on."-Richard Cummins, who will be representing Sheen in court in February. [Popeater]
  • Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil reportedly held a commitment ceremony yesterday in order to renew their vows. "They keep saying how much in love they are and need to be together," says a source, "So they have decided to have an unofficial ceremony to silence the doubters and those who are trying to stop them being together." [TheSun]
  • Sienna Miller and Jude Law might be celebrating Miller's birthday together in Barbados, according to a source, who claims, "Its Sienna's birthday on Monday and Jude's the following day, so she has invited him to join her to celebrate. Jude is keen to spend some of the holidays with his kids, but it's a tempting offer. Sienna has always maintained she and Jude are soulmates despite their past troubles." [PageSix]
  • Sad news: singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died at the age of 45. [AP]
  • "Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other."-Angelina Jolie [PageSix]
  • Russell Brand was spotted looking a bit down in the dumps after his girlfriend, Katy Perry, flew home to America for Christmas. Naturally, this either means they've broken up or that—gasp!—people who are dating tend to miss each other when they're on separate continents. [DailyMail]
  • "Sometimes it's hard to talk to kids, especially when they're teenagers. They're in their own world, and they don't look like they're even listening to you. But that's the time when it's most important to find a way to talk to them - not to lecture them, but to tell them things I think are important for them to know."-Robert De Niro [DailyMail]
  • "I'm not gay. I grew up singing and dancing, so people have been calling me gay since fifth grade. I've heard everything you could possibly hear about it. But I do love gay people, so I'm not going to act like I was insulted or angry about it."- Matthew Morrison of Glee, to Elle magazine. [JustJared]
  • Brittany Murphy was laid to rest in a private ceremony on Christmas Eve. Her family released a statement noting that "Brittany was an incredibly loving and passionate person and an artist to her core - she loved acting, singing, dancing, and performing. A bright light that lit the world is forever dimmed, but will live on in the hearts of those that Brittany touched." [TimesOnline]
  • Minnie Driver's father passed away last week, and she decided to wear red to his funeral, explaining, "I am not being disrespectful. I am wearing red because my father always used to tell me that I was the kind of girl who would a wear a red dress to a funeral. So I wouldn't want to disappoint you, Dad." [DailyExpress]
  • Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve performance in Miami is the "hottest ticket in the country" with over $1 million in tickets already sold. [PageSix]
  • Fergie and Josh Duhamel were recently spotted in a maternity store, which naturally means they're having a baby...or just, you know, buying presents for someone who's having a baby. [PageSix]
  • Lily Allen was spotted wearing an engagement ring while out with boyfriend Sam Cooper earlier this week, according to a source: "It seemed like they were celebrating something but Lily's smile vanished when she saw the cameras. She looked determined not to have her picture taken with the ring on." [ShowbizSpy]
  • Gene Simmons of KISS has been sued by a couple who claim the singer assaulted and threatened them after they began filming him at a mall. [AP]
  • ""I did grow up in a life of privilege and I rebelled. That may be why I was a savage for so many years of my life. I spent a lot of time getting into trouble and trying to get out of it and seeing the efforts that other people had to make to get me out of it. I was unruly. If I'd had to become a member of any party at that time, it would have been the Anarchists probably. Luckily, I was surrounded by very understanding people at a liberal arts school where I spent the last few years in high school. They kind of helped me to see things a little differently."-Daniel Day-Lewis [ShowbizSpy]
  • "Things were changing anyway for women at that time - in the military and in industry. But I'm really glad that I got to do it, because I was allowed to play a woman as a complicated character, without a man. And when I see some of these women in action movies now, I still think there is too much attention paid to what they're wearing. I didn't have to be a superwoman in a tiny outfit. I was playing this complicated person who happened to be a woman. She may have been sexy, but that wasn't her main thing."-Sigourney Weaver, on her role as Ripley in Alien. [DailyMail]

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Ginmar Rienne

God, does this mean Two and a Half Menwill finally get canceled? I always thought Charlie was the half in that equation.