Charli XCX and Rita Ora's new "Doing It" video is a spaghetti western of a bank robbery, two high-contrast pop stars bum-rushing a gas station and rolling around the desert in their pink trucks. It's not quite as fatalist or committed as Thelma & Louise, insofar that they do not die in the end. But Charli seems super committed to dancing with that mai-tai-toting grandpa next to the liver-shaped pool filled with crocs. The Brits' robber balaclavas are in the pattern of Union Jacks, signifying their girl-powered British invasion of the crappy, kitschy, ours-so-we-love-it landscape of the American West.

It's a big statement for them—that they're taking over, London to the world, with their interminable superfun steez. But it might be an even bigger moment for us Americans, because there is nothing better than having your cool party friends from Great Britain visit and throw a party with a mechanical bull and cops who are actually strippers. Plus, they're really into costume changes, which, who isn't? There's a lot of Lady Miss Kier in these, especially with the bell bottoms at the phone booth, but the best part is Charli showing her fealty to American cowboy camp: gilded platform heels, low-rise chaps (note: watch out for the return of low-rise), and a pepto-pink cowboy hat. She's in it to win it! Seven-seven-seven, jackpot on the slot machine commitment.


"Doing It" is from Charli's latest, Sucker, but the Rita Ora version is a separate single, for the extra oomph. Plus, when you're enacting petty larceny or simply going on a road trip, it's more sensible—and fun!—if you've got a partner in crime.