Weight Watchers has some new commercials starring Charles Barkley, in which, much like Jennifer Hudson did, he stands against a black background while wearing a black dress. Apparently dudes think dieting is girly stuff, so Barkley wants guys to know they can "lose like a man."

Barkley explains that he's already lost 42 lbs. on Weight Watchers, and he likes it because he can still eat "man food" like steak and pizza. Ladies, did you know that every time you eat steak or pizza, you're eating food made for men? True facts!


Anyway, the spot's comedy rests on the fact that you will find a man in a wig, heels and dress hilarious, since everyone knows that it's re-cock-ulous for a big strong man to stoop to a lady's level and be seen in such frippery. (A woman in men's clothing is tough, means business or has a sort of offbeat charm, a la Annie Hall.) Just a few months ago, Barkley was on Saturday Night Live and joked that Weight Watchers was working, but he was so hungry that everyone looks like turkey legs to him. Maybe he was lightheaded when he agreed to put on the frock. (Probably not, though: Sir Charles dressed up as Alicia Keys 2 years ago.)

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