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Charity Wants to Build an Enormous Hot Air Balloon Ballsack

A British charity is currently attempting to raise £60,000 to build "Skyballs," a hot-air balloon designed to look like the scrotum of Family Guy character Peter Griffin. Comedian Chris O'Dowd is helping. And it's all to raise awareness for testicular cancer.


Are we sure this isn't a long-lost episode of The IT Crowd?

The Daily Dot points to this unconventional crowdfunding campaign, which is the work of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. Early detection makes a big difference in terms of the prognosis for testicular cancer patients. But of course it's an awkward subject, hence the madcap attention-seeking antics of MCAC:

"Skyballs" will be the world's biggest cancer awareness tool. It's going to allow our charity to attend some of the world's biggest sporting, music and community events. It's going to have everyone talking about and checking their testicles.


They're offering a series of awards for donors. For instance, a groom who feels inclined to donate £10,000 will be delivered to his marriage ceremony (with his best man) in Skyballs style. But if cancer isn't persuasive, well, Chris O'Dowd offers another rationale for contributing: "A hot air balloon in the shape of a giant scrotum—what other reason do you need?"

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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

chris o'dowd can hella get it

also i just lost my shit at someone getting to their wedding in hot air BALLoon.