Charity Cases: How Much Expensive Shit Is In The September Ladymags?

As you know, we've been adding up the items in the thick September issues of the major women's magazines. And the extravagance is really quite vulgar! So far we've seen a $135,000 Louis Vuitton diamond-encrusted watch, a Chanel dress which would set one back $17,355 and a Fendi 24K-gold mink coat for $64,300. All this conspicuous consumption has given us an idea, with an urge to give back. And so, we present to you: A contest. Not just any contest! A conscience-clearing contest! Here's the deal:We'll be adding up all of the totals from all of the major September mags (Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, Lucky, Glamour, Marie Claire, W, and Allure) into one whopping sum. (So far, Elle's Total Shit: $1,562,100 and Vogue's Total Shit: $957,687.) The reader who can predict the final total dollar amount — without going over — will win a $200 donation to the charity of her or his choice. You may submit your guesses in the comments, and you have until 12 noon tomorrow, EDT. Good luck, and remember: Mink. Dipped in gold. Earlier: September Smackdown: Elle Vs. Vogue

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