Channing Tatum Is Opening a New Orleansy-Sounding New Orleans Bar in New Orleans

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Have you ever been to New Orleans? You can drink on the street there — it's magical. But you won't want to drink on the street for the sheer American novelty of it all after you plan your next trip to the Crescent City because Channing Tatum will soon be opening a bar on Bourbon Street where rumor has it (I'm starting the rumor) that Tatum will be offering body shots off of his abs on opening night.


"Saints and Sinners," which isn't even a little bit strip club, will open within vomiting distance of Bourbon Street's most famous bar, Pat O'Brien's. Tatum, whose father is from the New Orleans metro-area, has had ties to the region for many years, but during a recent stay in the city for the filming of 21 Jump Street, he got a chance to show co-star Jonah Hill around, showing on the newcomer how much better New Orleans is than pretty much anywhere else in America. It impressed Hill, at least, who said in an interview for 21 Jump Street that he's excited to get back so he and his co-star can have some brotastic times in a not-strip club together. "I was watching some documentary about it," said Hill,

and someone said really beautifully that if you go to most places in America, like 90 percent of America, the popular music is whatever Top 40 is, and the food is McDonald's or whatever it is. And New Orleans is one of the only places that has its own popular music, its own food, its own everything — and it's beautiful that it exists. America's lucky to have a place like New Orleans.

America's also lucky to have Olympian god-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who coincidentally visited New Orleans this weekend to attend the Make It Right gala. Then they met up with Hill and Tatum, and the four held hands while skipping drunkenly down the street, singing, "Tra-la-la."

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I went to New Orleans earlier this year on a solo trip for my birthday, and I loved it. People were so nice to me, and there were so many interesting things to see. And the French Quarter architecture just rocked my world. It's the only place I've visited in North America so far that has made me even imagine that I'd like to try living there, even if just for a short while.