Channeling The Celebrity Skinnies

We wish we'd thought of this one ourselves, but as we didn't, we'll instead applaud The Guardian's most clever idea to have three writers channel hometown hotties Kate Moss, Madonna, and Lily Allen, respectively, by donning items from their new mass-market clothing lines. (Yes, we realize Madonna's actually American. We're not sure she does, however). And what did the ladies find?

Hadley Freeman was assigned to Kate. After wondering about the postmodern ramifications of discussing the creation of the cult of Kate while wearing Kate, Hadley concludes that she looks damn good, though she soon tired of people coupling compliments of her clothes with "Hey you're wearing Kate Moss for Topshop!"

Helen Pidd was paranoid about donning Madonna for H&M since, as she puts it, "you really need Madonna's lifestyle to work the look... She is an egg-white omelette, chauffeur and no-visible-knickerline kind of woman. I have tea and toast for breakfast, cycle to the office... and will... bypass any fashion trend that necessitates a thong." Though Helen got catcalls while wearing her Madonna for H&M pencil skirt, a veritable doppelganger she was not, which was more the fault of the clothes than of Helen's natural assets.


Hannah Pool quickly sizes up the Lily Allen situation: The clothes are all somewhat supersized and, interestingly, the less a pieces looks like a direct copycat, the stronger it is. Also interesting: Hannah and Lily share a birthday. Unfortunately, Hannah's boyfriend takes one look at her in a yellow gown and compares her to Gwyneth Paltrow, which Hannah describes as a "promising mistake" but we describe as plain-old abuse. After all, Hannah's not only black, she's nice.

Three writers try out the celebrity fashion collections [The Guardian]

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