Chanel Video Dares You To Distinguish Models From Dummies

We're not entirely sure what it looks like Karl had a fever dream after watching Mannequin (or maybe after watching the Amber Valletta horror vehicle Dead Silence), woke up, and thought, "What a tremendous concept for zee new video!"


The Fashion Test Dummies Lagerfeld cast for this little flight of fancy are Magdalena Frackowiak, Barbora Dvorakova, and Bapstiste Giabiconi. Giabiconi — whom you may remember from his recent, and completely mind-blowing, Western-themed debut music video, "Showtime" — actually looks remarkably convincing as a plaster mannequin. Dvorakova keeps twitching, which is irritating. What this has to do with fashion, we don't know, but we can't stop watching.

Via Fashin

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Seems like Uncle Karl spent the day tuned into ABC Family watching this...