Sunday's L.A. Times had a feature story on model Chanel Iman, who hails from Baldwin Hills, CA. She was on (the inside flap of) the cover of Vogue, she's walked for Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana. And guess what? She's relatively normal! Like any 16-year-old, she likes handbags, wants an iPhone and eats sushi, fried chicken and waffles. Her mom cuts her bangs! Okay, she does have a monthly budget of $5,000 — but at least she has a budget! When the reporter complimented Chanel on her dress, the model replied, "Thanks! Forever 21. Thirty dollars." And then there's this:

"I didn't really like them," Chanel told a horrified makeup artist, when asked about a pair of 'genius' shoes she'd modeled. "They were OK."


Uh, we love her! Be sure to check out the slide show with audio by Chanel, who says of herself and other models her age, "We're wearing woman's clothes, but we're actually not developed yet." Finally, someone who gets it!

That Other Chanel [L.A. Times]

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