Chanel Fashion Show Thieves Thwarted, the Internet Does Not Rejoice

Karl Lagerfeld hosted Chanel's recent fashion show in a fabulous market, one with designers teas and other items that would probably fetch bank on eBay. But if you were hoping to snag some Chanel swag from Lagerfeld’s latest foray into luxury grocery-cum-fashion shows, we regret to inform you that your dreams are crushed.


Everyone who had fast fingers at the show, which featured only the finest of reality stars, had to give up whatever they'd snatched. According to Dazed, who recorded everything in a play-by-play diary of sorts, Chanel even hired security guards to shake down guests as they departed to ensure they didn’t escape with anything that wasn't a parting gift in their fancy bags.

"All shoplifters are prosecuted upon exiting the Chanel shopping centre, when security guards promptly retrieve all stolen goods from the thieves."


Images via Dazed Magazine's Instagram and Getty.

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