Yesterday in Beverly Hills, Chanel opened a new boutique, and naturally, a bevy of Hollywood fashionistas came out to celebrate. (Recessions do not apply to Robertson Boulevard, apparently.) On hand: Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Emma Roberts and a sorta nasty-looking Nicollette Sheridan. Maybe because it's Friday, maybe because it was Chanel, or maybe because I'm just in a sensitive place right now, but today's Good, Bad, & Ugly is more like Good, Good, & Kinda Bad. I don't have any qualms about being nasty, but even the frumpy Ione Skye looked pretty sweet to me. Call me crazy, but I like a 90s-babysitter vibe! See for yourself after the jump.

The Good

This ain't rocket science people, it's Rachel Bilson. Can't remember when I've seen her look bad.

Emma Roberts looks stunning. I can't resist Paxil in the shape of a dress either.


I'm not sure who Francesca Gregorini is, but she's working a Jo-from-The-Facts-Of-Life look here. Jo Polniaczek is a fashion icon for the advanced, just so you know.


This just in: Michelle Trachtenberg might be my new Hollywood crush.

Please don't argue with me. I told you, I love Ione Skye's 90s babysitter ensemble. And look at her smile: She's perfect!


Just yesterday when Malin Akerman graced this page; she's obviously keeping up the good work.

The Bad:


Ann Getty looks a little blah, but she's so rich that by the time this is posted I might not ever be able to eat lunch in this town again.

Dear Carrie Whitman: Black stockings with a mini-skirt and calf-length boots don't work anymore. It's a little 5 minutes

The Ugly


Nicolette Sheridan looks like a MILF-cougar-Hollywood B-movie pornstar. Wait, is that so bad?

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