Celine Dion Flashes Her Hoo-Ha in Jamaica

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Celine Dion accidentally flashed some front-row audience members at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in...Jamaica. The Canadian singer performed in a dress that she admitted was probably a little too short even though she also explained that she's worn it before with no problems, "Because," she said, "normally when people are level the length is fine. But people were like this [looks up].... So it was like I didn't think of the people downstairs and me there." Though Celine Dion lives in Las Vegas and warm weather is probably not that big a deal to her anymore, I think if you've spent your Canadian childhood swaddled in heavy winter clothes, wearing a bare minimum of clothes because the weather's warm must still be pretty liberating. Also, she looks fantastic and had a good chuckle about the whole thing, so if anyone's upset about this, get over it — celebrities have real human parts under their very expensive clothes, just like us normals. [E!]


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In more news about the ladyparts of musical divas, Christina Aguilera performed a stirring rendition of "At Last" at a Los Angeles memorial for the late blues singer, Etta James, and that would probably have been all there was to say about such a solemn occasion if pictures taken of Aguilera's performance hadn't revealed a some sort of dark fluid dripping down her leg. Some helpful commenters on Oh No They Didn't have pointed out that we could all be making a fuss over nothing because spray-tanner apparently also drips in rivulets when someone is, say, sweating profusely because she's all of a sudden been hit with the epiphany that a childhood of hairbrush-singing her idol's music has prepared her to mourn that idol's passing on the whole world's behalf. That's some pretty heavy shit, and whether this is just a case of spray-tanner betrayal or evidence that Christina Aguilera had to deal with an uncomfortable personal situation during a really important moment, she gets a pass. [ONTD, Reuters]

  • Everybody chill out — Patty Jenkins, director of Monster and, in the interest of full disclosure, two 2006 Entourage episodes, says that Demi Moore is "doing great." Jenkins, referring to Moore's recent trip to the emergency room, added that she she "hates when people make it a bigger drama than what's going on," like, when people just automatically assume that a frantic 911 call and a subsequent trip to the ER are bad things. Maybe the trip was recreational. Hmm? Ever think of that, judgey, histrionic members of the gossip-gobbling public? As it turns out, the Los Angeles city attorney has recommended that all references to whip-its in the 911 call TMZ released this week be redacted, along with any specific references to other drugs. See? It's like it never happened, and that Demi Moore, she's going to be a big star if Patty Jenkins has anything to say about it: "Demi blew me away. She has the chops to be a real director...I said to her, ‘You're a director, my friend.'" [TMZ, E!]
  • Heidi Klum has returned from her self-imposed isolation to grimace in the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs for the first time since announcing her split from Seal. This appearance comes after a report that Klum has been visiting prominent L.A.-area divorce attorneys in an apparent bid to stop her husband from getting high-powered representation in the upcoming divorce. Family law expert Jim Federline explained the gambit to Express: "Every prominent attorney she has met cannot now represent her husband. The assumption is she shared confidential information with them all and if they were to represent her spouse, they would breach ­California Bar Association rules." And, in case you've forgotten about The Sopranos, Express would like to remind you that Tony Soprano pulled a similar move when his wife was casting around for top divorce attorneys. Well played? I mean, I just feel silly for thinking that Seal and Heidi were so good together because if this is true then they were clearly not. You've fooled me again, Hollywood! [Express, X17]
  • At least Jennifero Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting along much better since rumors of a nasty break-up. TMZ happily reports that the couple is communicating and has no problem making joint appearances to promote their new show because everyone knows that public relations smiles are the true markers of happiness. [TMZ]
  • After a long meeting on Friday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry concluded that Aubry has anger issues that he needs to deal with, which he will in some as-yet-unspecified way. Family services was responding to a nanny's allegation that Aubry pushed her while she was holding his daughter Nahla, but will leave any decisions about a change in the couple's custody arrangement to a judge when Aubry and Berry meet in court on Monday. [TMZ]
  • Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana weren't tongue-kissing or groping while they promoted their new movie at Sundance, which must reveal that their nascent relationship is already on the rocks and not that they're both working professionals. [E!]
  • David Arquette will appear on Cougar Town because he and ex-wife Courtney Cox are totally cool with one another. [OMG]
  • Teen Mom Amber Portwood will avoid what could have been a 5-year prison sentence after pleading not guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of probation violation. She'll likely remain on probation until a final hearing on February 6, when a judge will wag a finger at her and remind her, among other things, that next time she's arrested, everybody will have forgotten about her and it might not be newsworthy. [E!]
  • Baby Lyssa Chapman, tenth child of Duane "Dog" Chapman, famed bounty hunter and our generation's best answer to Batman, is planning a memoir in which she promises to reveal, among other details you're probably uninterested in, that she was drugged during her highly-publicized arrest last year. If you've written a manuscript and were somehow hoping that you'd one day publish it, now would be a good time to double-check the fire safety laws in your county, go outside, and burn that manuscript in a gloriously cathartic ceremony. [TMZ]
  • Do you avidly enjoy Phantom of the Opera? If you do, then musical theatre-mastermind Andrew Lloyd Webber probably thinks you're a fucking lunatic. Cheers! [CBS News]
  • Michael Hazanavicius, director of Harvey Weinstein's Oscar chum, The Artist, won top prize last night at the Director's Guild Awards, giving him the edge over mediocre Academy Award competition. [OMG]
  • Russian media company TV Service ZAO has filed papers in Miami in an effort to recoup a reported loss of 1.5 million American dollars from management firm NWE after the firm failed to book Lady Gaga for a concert ZAO was scheduling. Another hearty welcome to the world of capitalism, Russia, where shady management firms and talent agents used the promise of fame to routinely screw people out of money. [TMZ]
  • Cynthia Nixon's insistence that her homosexuality is a choice is still rankling all kinds of people, including Truth Wins Out founder Wayne Besen who criticized the actress by explaining, "When people say it's a choice, they are green-lighting an enormous amount of abuse because if it's a choice, people will try to influence and guide young people to what they perceive as the right choice." Besen may have a point about the immediate ramifications of Nixon's comments, but sexuality is an integral part of a person's identity and, therefore, up to that person to define for his or herself. Critics of Nixon should recognize that the fault isn't hers, rather, it belongs to the intolerant groups that would seek to "influence and guide young people" according to an exclusively heteronormative view of human sexuality. [CBS News]
  • Jesse Jackson urged Grammy organizers on Friday to reinstate 31 ethnic and minority award categories — such as awards for Hawaiian and Native American musicians and Latin Jazz — that have been cut this year from the show. Jackson has said that these categories "constitute the very heart of the music that nourishes and inspires minority communities." [Reuters]
  • Ian Abercrombie, the guy who played Elaine's first eccentric boss on Seinfeld, died Thursday at 77. [THR]
  • You guys, in case you hadn't heard yet, all five living members of Monty Python are reuniting for a movie with Robin Williams called Absolutely Anything, which begins filming in the UK this spring. [EW]



Here's the thing though, Cynthia Nixon isn't wrong. At least in her case. As a bisexual, while she was born open to both opportunities, there is a choice in which sex you're interested in being with at a time. Right now she's with a woman. She could return to being with a guy if she wants. That doesn't make her a fake lesbian, it just makes her bisexual.

Also, world stop trying to tell people how to define themselves. Bisexuals are born this way and they get to choose. We always get the best of both worlds. Suck it.