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Celebrity Yoga-bitionists Are Angering Yoga Purists

Illustration for article titled Celebrity Yoga-bitionists Are Angering Yoga Purists

Yoga purists ("hipsters") are miffed over a new yoga trend they say is goes against the entire purpose of yoga: the yoga selfie. Or, since we live in an era of awkward, forced portmanteaus, "yogabitionists."


According to a piece published in prominent yoga journal The New York Post, Hilaria Baldwin et al's incessant yoga instagramming isn't going over well with the sort who doesn't think yoga should be exhibitionist, or a contest. Here's more on that from the Post,

"In a sense, it mocks what yoga is," says Jennilyn Carson, who runs the New York-based blog Yoga- Dork, a site that fuses the worlds of yoga and pop culture. [...]

Carson says there is a growing number of practitioners who feel that the self-indulgent nature of yoga selfies and performance posing is the complete antithesis of what yoga is meant to be — contemplative and personal.

"The discussion has been evolving over time since Instagram began. There's a sentiment [among the yoga community] that they're doing a disservice to yoga by putting these pictures out there. It's showy and basically everything that the practice is not supposed to be about — 'Look at me and these awesome poses I can do!' "


The Post specifically called out Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin's pretzel-wife, who is constantly doing yoga shit in public and then posting all about it. Experts quoted by the post tsked that sort of behavior as self-promoting, and in opposition to the yoga principle of humility. But isn't judging others against the principles of yoga? I'm so confused by all this bad yoga happening.

Celebrities, I predict, will respond to this outrage by instagramming themselves doing headstands on piles and piles of money and hashtagging it #blessed and #namastebitches. For awareness®.

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"In a sense, it mocks what yoga is," says Jennilyn Carson

says Jennilyn Carson