Celebrity Tattletale Is Not Robert Downey Jr., Says Robert Downey Jr.

An internet commenter who's gained notoriety in recent weeks for making appearances in the comments section of a gossip blog — and dropping some very disturbing insider dirt about Hollywood — has more or less outed himself as being Robert Downey Jr. And it he went out in a blaze of glory.

The commenter in question, Himmmm, posted a series of comments in which he claimed he was taking an extended break from this extra-curricular activity, but not before going out with a bang, taking Kirk Douglas, Natalie Wood, Ryan O'Neal, and Natasha Gregson Wagner down with him. His story was so horrific, bizarre, and detailed — right down to Natasha Gregson Wagner's home phone number — that many believed it had to be Robert Downey Jr. Except the real Robert Downey Jr. would like us all to know that it is, in fact, not him. He'd also like us to know that he's a "much better writer" than that guy.

Initially, Himmmm claimed that his commenter account was started by four people working together:

Many years ago this account was started by 4 guys who were all pals and worked together DEEP inside the biz. Two were famous (rock star and movie star) and the other two were true creative geniuses. Over the years, 3 of them posted on this one account on CDAN. Think of it like Menudo (but without gay Latinos). In a way, we were all Himmmm. Kind of like V in V for Vendetta.

But now Himmmm wants people to look at this is a solo effort and, short of saying the actual name, that one person is Robert Downey Jr.


On Thursday evening, Himmmm made a series of postings beneath a blind item about an actor who impregnated an underage girl. Himmmm identified the actor as Ryan O'Neal and the underage girl as Drew Barrymore, then went into a long spiel about how Kirk Douglas had allegedly raped Natalie Wood. He then said that Wood's daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, would back up him up on the story and even posted her home phone number. He also claimed to know Wagner because he starred in film with her and Heather Graham in the '90s. If that's the case, the film is Two Girls and a Guy, with the girls being Wagner and Graham and the guy being Robert Downey Jr.


And then, not surprisingly (given the nature of the gossip), Himmmm deleted all of these comments just a short time later. But then he reposted them, this time without mention of Wagner. [Screencaps at left.]

It all sounded fishy to us. For one thing, Himmmm hyped the fact that he was going to drop a "bomb," but the rumor of Kirk Douglas raping Natalie Wood has been going around for years Secondly, while the phone number for Natasha Gregson Wagner did check out, what kind of "friend" would post it on the internet among a bunch of gossip mongers only so they could bother her about her mother's violent rape? Additionally, the number was a publicly listed land line. Real friends have cell numbers.


But the biggest clue in this non-mystery is directly from the horse's mouth. We contacted Robert Downey Jr.'s rep who said, "Not only does [Robert Downey Jr.] not have anything to do with this, he was not even aware that it was going on." Perhaps what's funniest about this whole thing is that RDJ is not bothered by the fact that people would think he was an internet gossip, but that the imposter would go about it so poorly. "Robert's a much better writer than that," his rep said.


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