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Celebrity stylist/professional anorexic Rachel Zoe has put her Hollywood mansion on the market — yours, as a "starter home" for an easy $$2,995,000. Is anyone else surprised by the decor of the pad? Isn't it a little late 90's nouveau-riche-trying-too-hard-modern? It makes us say "Ew." Just like Zoe herself. [Luxist]


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I love, love, love modern decor, but god, she does not get it at all. It's exactly trying-too-hard. There's nothing of note - if she was smart, she'd have gone with some more of the MCM stuff - that house could be well-served with some bubble lamps or an Eames chair, combined maybe with some more contemporary modern stuff. The house is way too strongly mid-century to be able to just dump a bunch of crap in it and make it look like some General Expensive Furniture Store That Probably Has "Urban" In The Name Showroom without it looking really dumb. Like the house, itself, I think the decor would be better if it illustrated a mix of the original style mixed with tasteful contemporary updates.

Her kitchen looks completely out of place, though. It almost looks Arts and Crafts. Terrible, terrible terrible cabinets. Also, I hate her floors. I like the dark walnut in other, more rustic settings, but modern + dark floors = sad and uninviting. The whole thing would work so much better with bamboo or stone.

And I hate her multicolored bathroom slate. That is so "Builder Add-On" that it grosses me out.

Although, I would kind of like to stand up for minimalism and modern decor/architecture. One man's cold and sterile is another's cool and relaxing.

If I had the house to pull it off, I would totally do it.