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Celebrity Rehab: Two Grown Men + Calling Shotgun = Screaming Match

It's already been established on Celebrity Rehab (and on the red carpet) that Gary Busey is kinda insane in the membrane, stemming from a motorcycle accident in the early '80s. Jeff Conaway, on the other hand, is sort of a big baby. (He called 911 because the rehab facility would not give him painkillers.) Anyway, the two ended up having a huge, dramatic fight, throwing f-bombs all over the place…over who got shotgun in the rehab van on the way back from art therapy. As you can see in the clip above, the two end up making up and have a little love fest, in which Gary claims he loves Jeff "5,000 miles past Heaven," whatever that means.


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I finally saw it last night—the part where they all watched the Buddy Holly Story and Gary cried? So sad. At first he was as happy as a little boy.

He's lucky to be alive after his motorcycle wreck, but it really affected his behavior, didn't it? (Dr. Drew kind-of explained as much last week.)

Also, Steven! So damned sad. I didn't know his backstory—just, wow. His mother angered me last night.