Celebrity Rehab Is Light On "Celebrity" But Heavy On Drama

The second season of Celebrity Rehab doesn't really have very well-known celebrities. For example, Rod Stewart's son Sean is there, as is Rodney King, Nikki McKibbon (from the first season of American Idol), the first drummer of Guns 'N Roses (who was booted from the band for doing too many drugs, if that's possible), and a model/actress named Amber Smith, who I hadn't heard of before. Amber's been addicted to a number of pills for years, thanks to her mother, and supported both of them with her career until their drug habits blew through her money and they were forced to live in a Hollywood motel. Clip above.


Zombie Normal Peasant

I'm not a celebrity, nor do I play one on tv. But when I was detoxing, I wouldn't have be able to deal with a camera in my face, recording every stupid thing I did and said whilst in the midst of despair and need. I understand the point is to highlight how truly frikken horrible this stage is, and how wrenching it is to go through, but I still feel it's kind of lurid.

Watching them in group and going through the recovery steps beyond detox is less invasive, and highlights the emotionalism and physical debilitation that many addicts experience, and gives a human face to recovery. Some people can't understand what addicts go through, and dismiss their pain as their own doing. It is our own doing, but we aren't addicts simply because we aren't strong enough or have no will power.

Although watching this or Intervention always makes me sob.