Celebrity Rehab is a really raw show that actually goes there. During the group therapy session, Jeff Conway disclosed one of the demons haunting him — as a young boy, he'd been sexually abused and it was filmed, making him the subject in a piece of child pornography. After that confessional, the gang had a BBQ pool party. Mary Carey jumped into the pool in a wife beater with no bra, which Daniel Baldwin said made him and his wife so uncomfortable that he needed to leave the rehab facility. Daniel, however, had been coming up with a slew of excuses to leave the facility on day trips for a while, so blaming his final exit on a woman swimming in a tank top seemed not only low, but a lie. Suspicions were confirmed after he left, when Mary admitted that Daniel had been sending her (what we assume are naked) pictures of himself after lights out, and asking her to do the same. What an asshole pig!

So on this episode, it was visitor's day. Look who came to see Mary: Penny/Hope from Showgirls!


Her exchange with Jeff Conway — when she listed her entire filmography — was totally one of the best moments on Celebrity Rehab thus far.


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