Celebrity Fit Club: Toccara Is Totally Not Fat

Granted, Toccara Jones did voluntarily go on a weight loss/fitness show, so it was a little ridiculous that she didn't want to follow the diet that Dr. Ian assigned to her on Celebrity Fit Club, but we kinda get where she was coming from when she freaked out on last night's episode. She is seriously gorgeous, and it must have been really tough to hear that she needed to lose weight, especially when she is obviously so happy and confident with herself the way that she is. The best thing ever? When Dr. Ian told her to have some class and she came back with, "Kiss my ass!" and "No, fuck that!" Clip above.

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Yeah, I thought she was like 35% body fat (but 38% might be right too). Last week they did stress that the show was called Celebrity FIT Club and not Celebrity Weight Loss Club and they mentioned that a lot of the participants this season don't need to lose weight so much as make healthier eating choice and get to a healthier body fat percentage number. I think that they told Joanie and Dunkleman the same thing but neither of them freaked out. And Joanie is also pretty damn thin looking.