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The Sun has has a funny little graphic/story thingy about weird diet restrictions celebrities give themselves. Like, Reese Witherspoon reportedly eats only baby food "along with at least one grown up meal a day," Liz Hurley eats watercress soup "when she wants to stay slim," and Mariah Carey is into "purple foods."


Usually we shun all what-celebrities-eat stories, since they: a) are dumb b) have no apparent basis in reality and c) often feature diets so high in calories, and so popular, we suspect that they are part of some sinister plot to ensure that celebrities remain thinner than the rest of us.

But we're inclined to buy this one, because it reminds us of back when we were a wayward youth with a mild case of teenarexia and eschewed meals in favor of whatever weird food we picked that week. Like, carrots and peanut butter we did for a while. Another time it was white rice. Then, of course, we started smoking pot, and that put an end to that.
It's Stars In Their Pies [TheSun]

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