Sometimes we come across celebrities whose names we do not know. Sometimes their looks are so remarkably generic we think we know them from this one time they were vomiting in the bathroom at the Jersey Shore and we were momentarily struck by how competent they were at the act of puking, like they'd just really perfected the whole not getting it all over the floor thing... and then we realize that they were probably slightly less attractive than the "celebrities" in question but we were drunk. Anyway, after the jump (and a picture gallery) Jennifer enlightens Moe as to the identities of the mystery celebs of last night's MTV Movie Awards.


[MTV Movie Awards, Los Angeles; June 3. Images via Splash]

Dear Moe,
I have no fucking idea who any of these girls are. All I know is that they are, in fact, all blonde. Either I am old — and I guess I must be, since all I can think about since seeing Knocked Up is HAVING BABIES [Jennie! Please no! Think of your CAREER. Hahahahaha. Seriously though. You are still too five years young not to have an abortion. I mean, you know what we mean. -Moe.] or these girls actually aren't famous. I think three of them are named Vanessa. Actually, irregardless, they all should be named Vanessa.
xo, J