Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Is as Funny as It Is Sad

Twitter can be a great way to get the word out on events, write clever short-form jokes and announce your attraction to serial killers. Additionally, it helps make the world a much smaller place — even the most famous of celebrities are but an @ symbol away and getting messages to them is easy as pie. But why would you want to contact them? To ask a question? To tell them how you admire them? Of course not. Unless you're a total L7, you use Twitter to harass, insult and degrade them as much as you possibly can, perhaps forgetting, since these are the beautiful untouchables that live behind the screens and glossies, that you are contacting real human beings with real feelings.


Maybe seeing these sad famous people read cruel tweets about themselves aloud on Jimmy Kimmel Live will drive this point home.

Haha, JK. @zooeydeschanel smells like wieners.

[Disclaimer: Zooey Deschanel probably doesn't smell like wieners. She probably smells very nice.]

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