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Celebrities Push for Gun Control in the Wake of Today's School Shooting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Twitter is deluged with celebrities (and civilians) chiming in on the gun control "debate" following today's horrific school shooting. The one I saw retweeted the most ubiquitously was this, from Dax Shepard: "I love guns. I have several, but I would gladly get rid of them if it would help prevent anything like this from happening again." What? Valuing the lives of others above your own hobbies? Weird.

Niecy Nash:

My brother went to school and never came's outrageous that after previous tragedies our kids are not safe in school of all places



ok now that time to have "the conversation"?

John Francis Daley:

We can't limit the crazy people in the world, but we can limit what they have access to.


Rashida Jones:

Gun control is our only road to freedom. Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. I'm so saddened. WE NEED LAWS NOW.


Solange Knowles:

I am so deeply saddened, and angry at what has happened at Sandy Hook in Newtown. New gun laws MUST happen. This is devastating.


What they said. [HuffPo] [CBS]


Oh, fiddlesticks! Gwyneth Paltrow is just so adorably embarrassed about the fact that she sometimes consumes normal amounts of food without weighing them on her lady-scale first!

In a new episode of Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club, the Goop goddess accepts Jimmy Doherty's challenge to a marshmallow-eating contest.

Before rising to the occasion, Gwynnie confirms to host Jamie Oliver that she "can eat any man under the table."

"i embarrassingly tend to eat more than the men that I eat with," she clarifies.



I know you've been on the edge of your seat, so here's an update on the Boy Meets World reboot:

"I'm coming back as a mom, which is really exciting because I've always wanted to be a mom and I'm not one in my real life," [Danielle] Fishel explains. "When I think back about when we started Boy Meets World in '93, so almost 20 years ago, I was 12. The idea that I now get to see another young girl who is about the same age I was 20 years ago starting in her own career is really exciting."

Of course, the project has yet to be picked up to series and is in the "very early stages," but Fishel says, "We should know more by the beginning of next year. That's when we're hoping to go into production."


A little less hoping, a little more doing, Fishel. Chop chop. [E!]

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