Hey guys! It's Friday. I'm jet-lagged. I smoked pot last night. I took no speed today. That last part was pure self-sabotage. Anyhow, this combination of conditions led me somehow to a photo spread in the new Vogue, which mysteriously appeared in my bag this morning along with a half-consumed Snapple and what looked like a garlic knot. It's Agyness Deyn and the new cast of Hair, because really, has there ever been a more inspired pairing of model to social and cultural context? My thoughts: 1. Some decades are better than others and the sixties > the eighties, which sort of casts a negative light on Agyness's whole, like, "identity," not that she needs help because 2. Agyness Deyn has no discernible facial expressions. Technically I think she's actually a better singer than model, not that I know shit, and 3. As much as I am not one for tassels or beaded fringe or flowers or really, accessories of any sort, it is exceptionally annoying that the one in the $1800 Burberry shiftdress is allegedly the "minimalist." Some highlights from the shoot, after the jump.