It's Love Your Body Day today, and according to the National Organization for Women, one of the ways you can participate is by making a pact with yourself to treat your body with respect. Well before we can make this sort of super binding agreement, we feel we must apologize to our bodies for the hate crimes perpetrated by our own prejudiced hands! Liz Rizzo writes a letter to her bod on Blogher's website, and in it she apologizes for letting "that woman in Tallahassee permanently destroy our eyebrows. If there's any way we could start growing hair again in that place where she burned our skin off, that would be awesome." Read some self-apologies from Jezebel editors to our bodies after the jump, and add your own in the comments.

  • "I am genuinely sorry for all the times I fed us a Luna bar and called it food."
  • "I apologize for wanting a nose job in the seventh grade."
  • "Three words: nine dollar pedicure. Okay, four if you count 'infection.'"
  • "I am also sorry for all the times that I decided to save time and money by skipping dinner and going straight for the after-dinner drinks. Well, maybe not all the times, but any of the times I ended up vomiting, blacking out or being violently hungover the next day. The rest of the times were a success, I think."
  • "I apologize for 20 years of smoking cigarettes."
  • "I'm sorry for the time I got drunk and ran in flip flops and stubbed my toe on the sidewalk so hard that the toenail had to be removed and i had to get a tetanus shot. I have a picture if anyone wants to see the bloody toenail bed."
  • "I'm sorry for the time I fell down an escalator while living abroad and broke my clavicle and shoulder and was too nervous about my poor language skills to seek proper physical therapy once I had healed. Now one of my shoulders slopes and my back looks weird."
  • "I apologize for asking my hairdresser for 'the Rachel' in 1996."

Now you go!

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