Celebrate Halloween With These Disney/AHS: Freakshow Mashups

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American Horror Story: Freak Show is pretty creepy (because clowns), but it also features some of the show's most memorable characters: The dour and bubbly Dot and Bette, the sad, sad Elsa Mars and the hunky Jimmy Darling (lobster hands are a bonus). And now they're Disney characters. Ta-da!


It's no secret that Disney mashups are kind of done, but these precious pieces of art (imagine that in Elsa's accent) are a perfect way to revive the genre for just a second. And that's only partly because prince Eric is in this thing with what looks like a giant dick behind him. The Snow White portrait is pretty awesome, too, and Elsa as Elsa? On the nose, but totally worth it. God bless you, Iamdizzco.

While we're on the subject: Can we discuss whether Jessica Lange is an excellent actress or a terrible actress? I seriously still can't tell. All I know is that I love everything she does and bought her children's book in a drunken haze one night and still haven't read it even though it is only 32 pages. But it's about a bird or something? That just doesn't sound interesting to me.


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Mary Jane Holland

Jessica Lange is the best actress ever to grace this planet. I love her and wish she was my auntie.