A 20-minute preview of The Rachel Zoe Project, the Bravo reality show about the celebrity stylist, has leaked on online — and it's good. And here's the thing: She's actually really likable, which is kind of a difficult task to pull off on a reality show, which can make anyone, particularly someone who is already so despised, look bad. Admittedly, I went into that preview ready to rip her to shreds, but all I can come up with is the Nomi Malone mantra of she "doesn't suck." Zoe actually seems like a great, fair boss, a hard, passionate worker, and — oddest of all — funny. I do have one backhanded compliment to dish out though: The low-res of the clip above is an attractive look for her.

FABTV: 21 Minutes With The Rachel Zoe Project [FabSugar]


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I'm very worried that it may take months and months before we get to see this in Europe. Anderson Cooper will freaking LOVE this.

And sorry Princess Leela: Rach has definitely hit the botox (upper face only).