CBS President Les Moonves blames Katie Couric's ailing ratings on old men who are turned off by the idea of a female anchor. At the McGraw Hill Companies' Media Summit in New York today Moonves said: "Katie has lost mostly 55-plus-year-old men from [when she replaced] Bob Schieffer." He continued, "Are we thrilled with Katie's ratings? No. But are we thrilled with the product? Yes." CBS News continues to implement changes to its broadcasts in order to draw younger viewers, though relying on younger viewers to make up the bulk of your evening news viewership seems incredibly foolish. No one under 89 watches the evening news anymore! Get your head out of your ass and onto the internet, Mister! [MediaWeek]


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You know what I'm not thrilled with, Moonves? You giving your wife primetime jobs when she is absolutley, monumentally awful.

Big Brother isn't exactly high art, but goddamn the Chenbot is a disaster.

(I know it has nothing to do with this but anytime Moonves is mentioned, I have to rant)