CBS News has noticed something others have been saying for months: missing women of color don't get any press. "When Laci Peterson became the symbol of maternal homicide in the mass media and in the law put a white face on the horrendous crime of maternal homicide," Lindsay Goldwert writes for CBS, "In reality, that face is actually young, and often, black." Goldwert points out that the deaths of women like Dawna Wright, pictured, who was shot by her boyfriend in June of last year, go largely unreported in comparison to a Laci Peterson or a Maria Lauterbach. Statistics show that black women have a maternal homicide risk about seven times that of white women. In addition, "Black women ages 25-29 are about 11 times more likely as white women in that age group to be murdered while pregnant or in the year after childbirth." [CBS News]

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Lisabel (ne:Dagnabbit)

@nodoubt9203 (It's not weird, it's different): Probably, additionally if she wasn't upper middle class.

I have to say the issue of selective press coverage crossed my mind when reading another Jezzie post regarding mini-breaks in two week-old relationships. "Maybe I'd go, but if he took me to the caribbean and killed me, no one would look for my brown ass."

I'd discussed this with a friend of mine, who countered "If [the news] covered all the missing women of color, there'd be no time for anything else."

That is disturbing.

There was discussions of class and status making certain cases "special" (blurg), but then what of Latasha Morgan, attractive middle-class college student? Granted that case was solved more quickly than the higher profile ones(and hey, Fox actually covered it), but for a while there you could have created a missing white woman network (MWN?), for all the news dominance.

Personally, the coverage disparity worries me less than the whole national fascination with bizarre murder cases. Not to be insensitive, but in terms of the larger picture, the sensationalized Laci Peterson/JonBenét Ramsey/nutjobs-who-claimed-to-kill Ramsey "news" stories take WAY too much airtime in general. If the case is closed, let it go. Let's talk war, the economy, anything else.