CBS News Curmudgeon Calls Bullshit On Harper's Bazaar, Vogue

"Do women who look at these ads think they'll look like her if they wear these clothes... what there is of them?" asked Andy Rooney on last night's 60 Minutes. Good question! Armed with a stack of women's magazines marked with Post-Its (September 2007 Vogue, November 2007 Harper's Bazaar) the legendary grump questioned the advertising seen in periodicals sitting around the 60 Minutes offices. "I often wonder whether the magazines are doing the right thing for themselves," he mused after critiquing ads and models shilling for Dior (Jessica Stam), Michael Kors (Carmen Kass), and Lord & Taylor (Carolyn Murphy). Interestingly — tellingly — Rooney made no distinction between paid advertising and fashion editorial, even though he was ostensibly talking about "ads". Too bad he was looking at last fall's issues; we'd love to know what he thinks of those ridiculous Balenciaga boots.


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