CB2 Sells Wallet Inspired by New York's 'Iconic' Homeless People

Illustration for article titled CB2 Sells Wallet Inspired by New York's 'Iconic' Homeless People

Crate & Barrel's CB2 chain wants you to buy this wallet because it looks just like the paper cups New York City homeless people use to beg for change from the indifferent population. Poor people! So cute, amirite?


The description for the "Lucky Beggar Wallet" begins:

Street Fare. Inspired by the iconic blue and white coffee cup often seen in the hands of New York City panhandlers, this quirky wallet begs to be seen.

Ah, yes, the "iconic," "quirky" poverty of the New York City streets! Imagine having a wallet that conjures all the romance of sleeping on sidewalks in a city where an unprecedented number of people are now without a roof over their heads. Imagine being reminded of shelter overcrowding and underfunding, the economic disenfranchisement of our veterans, and the health care system's failure to provide services for the mentally ill every single time you take out your wallet to pay for an overpriced iPhone stylus or an off-brand Jenga imitator. Begs to be seen. What a punning evocation of the aestheticization of poverty! Just don't, like, actually use this wallet to panhandle; looking like a poor person is one thing, but being poor is still gross.

Lucky Beggar Wallet [CB2]


This would actually be a cute wallet if they didn't insensitively frame it as 'homeless chic'.