Catsuits: It's All Fun And Games 'Til Someone Has To Pee

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What's worse? Camel toe or baggy crotch? Fashion writer Hadley Freeman (sorta) raises the question in a very strange story in today's Guardian, in which she goes as far as to insist that the catsuit, that Avengers-era bit of show-everything-yet-nothing apparel, is back. Her proof? Appearances on Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Mary J. Blige and British girl-group sensation Girls Aloud.


But seriously, how can a garment that, as Freeman puts it, puts you in "a faff having to get nigh-on naked every time your bladder runneth over," be "back"? We doubt they will ever be back, frankly. After all, as Freeman says herself, there's just something about a catsuit that makes its wearer think she's "Barbarella [while] the rest of the world is thinking Elvis in Vegas."


Miaow! [The Guardian]
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I actually spotted a civilian in a catsuit. I was driving through the University of Illinois at Chicago (I work in the west loop) and nearly had a car accident when a spotted a khaki cat suit. It was baggy but still. I think I actually yelled out "catsuit! catsuit!". My passenger was rightfully frightened.