It's the final day of the March Madness Sweet Sixteen, meaning that there's just one spot left for a competitor from each conference. Who's going to be? Grab your razors, because it's going to be a close shave.

For an updated, printable version of the bracket (above), go here. A print version of the original can be found here.


First, a quick recap of yesterday's matches, neither of which resulted in an upset: We bid farewell to Pug, which lost to the wee-but-mighty dachshund. And the high-falutin' (but snuggly) favorite Maine Coon was knocked out by the scrappy classic, Tuxedo. Pour one out and move on.


Tabby (2) vs. Siamese (10)

The highly ranked and highly common Tabby — a house cat favorite around the world — squares off against a beautiful and exotic breed. Don't kid yourself: This one's all about socioeconomic class.


Snoopy (10) vs. Mutt (15)

Snoopy and Mutt are ubiquitous — one on the page or television, the other on every city corner. Both are sentimental picks, but which is strongest enough to represent the entire Dog Conference? That's your call.


Polls remain open until 3pm tomorrow. Get out the vote.

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