After a weekend full of grueling practices and some good nights' sleep, our competitors are back on the battlefield. Grab your smelling salts, because this one may leave you feeling faint.

For an updated, printable version of the bracket (above), go here. A print version of the original can be found here.


First, a quick tournament update: The outcome of Friday's games followed protocol, with #1 seeds Tiger and Golden Retriever handily taking down ninth-seeded Cheshire and Pit Bull, respectively — both of which made it two the second round because of their stunning upsets in the opening games. They may walk from their games dejected, but they deserve your respect.

And now for the Monday mania.

Calico (4) vs. Hobbes (12)

It's the fictitious versus the real in this heated matchup. Are you voting for reality, or for the imagination? A snuggly, tactile being, or a sentimental cartoon genius? If ever there were a time when Team Cat needed to think about their greater strategy for this tournament, this is it. And the Selection Committee has absolutely no idea what that approach should be.


Corgi (4) vs. Pug (5)

Oh boy. One, breakout internet star and a dog embraced by the Queen. The other, a canine that can do this:

Right. There are no easy decisions.


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