Cats vs. Dogs: The Beasts Go Marching One By One, Hurrah, Hurrah

We're now officially halfway through the Sweet Sixteen in our March Madness tournament, but that doesn't mean it's time to relax. Grab your inhalers, because this is going to leave you breathless.

For an updated, printable version of the bracket (above), go here. A print version of the original can be found here.


In brief, yesterday's winners: Pug, bless its little heart, fell to Breakout Internet Star And Favorite Of The Queen, Corgi. And Hobbes — who, the Selection Committee feels compelled to remind you, is not a real cat and could create complications should he make it to the finals, but whatever — triumphed over the Calico in a major upset.


Tuxedo (3) vs. Maine Coon (6)

Two kitties, each with fiercely loyal armies standing behind them. Both, frankly, are adorable. But that only gets you so far in this tournament — what really matters is which is better. It's an existential thing.


Dachshund (6) vs. Pound Puppy (14)

Much like the Dachshund, the Pound Puppy is squat and sits low to the floor. But it's a different kind of cuddle — is a human's best friend a canine or a toy? Strong arguments can be made for both; depends on your childhood


Per usual, polls remain open until 3pm tomorrow. Smell the bloodlust.

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