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Cats Try to Sell You a Phone Using Poor Spelling And Adorable Sweaters

These cats would like to sell you a cell phone while wearing an adorable button-up shirt and a cable knit cardigan. I am not kidding.


A woman named Mia Mullarkey made a commercial for a Social Media Week branded contest with Microsoft to pitch the Lumia 930 phone and it's pretty cute. Found over at the Verge, cat teens apparently have the same conversations as human teens and probably spell the same too. For example, 'Hi Mom!! Were watching catman returns. Dinner woz yum!!!!"

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Team Cat Headquarters here,

Human Hillary,

We appreciate you posting this video. We would like to however point out that this was not in fact an advert intended to sell smart phones to humans. It was in fact a video that team cat had created to show some of the new features of the smart phones that we will be sending our operativ...ah that is to say Obama phones that are being shipped to cat owners because they signed up for them. These phones are perfectly normal phones that do not in any way shape or form contain hidden instructions, orders, or subliminal sub sonic frequency mind control sound waves.

And just look at all the cute kittens doing cute things that are obviously not a distraction that we use to keep the masses blind to our plans for world domination. That would be crazy!

To alleviate the fears of our fellow felines we have sent various agents out into the world to compare the best smart phones available. Here is some footage,

We have found the best one, and we have loaded it with apps like "kibble". Kibble is an app that will locate the nearest and largest amount of foods nearest the user. Also "Sucker" an app that stray cats can use to locate a gullibl.. err compassionate human nearby that will take them in and feed them (it's like Uber). Lastly all TCHQ smart phones have a GPS tracker installed so that when TCHQ finally initiates "Operation World Domonat..ah we mean "Operation save all the cute little starving kittens and invite them into your home so you can snuggle them", every cat everywhere will be given instructions and orders on how to be more cute and snugly and not things like "how to construct bombs from household materials". Anyhoo, choosing a smart phone is difficult when there are so many options humans. We politely suggest that you choose the official TCHQ smart phone.

Look into our eyes. You will choose the Team Cat Headquarters official smart phone!

Carry on.