Cats Make Totally Incompetent Pizza Hut Employees

Cancel the Clio Awards forever because there'll never be another ad campaign that tops this beauty out of Japan, which features a Pizza Hut staffed by a bunch of cats who are completely awful at their jobs and do not care at all.

This work of genius comes via AdWeek. There's precious little context, but there ARE a whole series of vignettes, wherein the cats fail at basic tasks like using the cash register. Problem is, it'll just remind you of all the times you've been served by a Pizza Hut employee who couldn't have cared less. Real smooth, guys.

"Your call is important to us... except not."

"Quarterly reports are for dogs."

Broom broom:

"Your change, ma'am? LOL JK."

More videos here. Every commercial should include at least one rude cat. Somebody get the FTC on that.

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Kat Callahan

We seriously have the most insane commercials here. No one does weird marketing like we do weird marketing.