Not all cats can be Hero Cat. Take the two felines who recently knocked the handle off their owner's bedroom door, trapping her inside so thoroughly that it required a locksmith to spring her.

This tale of woe comes from the Telegraph (h/t The Daily Dot). Writer Claire Berlinski was minding her own business when suddenly her cats struck suddenly and without warning:

As Berlinski attempted to MacGuyver her way out of the room (nail file, credit card—nothing worked), the cats' behavior grew still more insulting:


Finally, a locksmith arrived and began working to free Berlinski. Her cats lost interest.

Eventually she did escape. But the question remains: Why do we live with these tiny furry sociopaths? Or, alternatively, perhaps Berlinski just lives with really liberal cats who finally decided to make their opinions known; she is the author of "There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters."


Photo via Hyde Peranitti/Shutterstock.