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Cats Lock Woman Inside Her Own Damn Bedroom

Illustration for article titled Cats Lock Woman Inside Her Own Damn Bedroom

Not all cats can be Hero Cat. Take the two felines who recently knocked the handle off their owner's bedroom door, trapping her inside so thoroughly that it required a locksmith to spring her.


This tale of woe comes from the Telegraph (h/t The Daily Dot). Writer Claire Berlinski was minding her own business when suddenly her cats struck suddenly and without warning:


As Berlinski attempted to MacGuyver her way out of the room (nail file, credit card—nothing worked), the cats' behavior grew still more insulting:

Finally, a locksmith arrived and began working to free Berlinski. Her cats lost interest.


Eventually she did escape. But the question remains: Why do we live with these tiny furry sociopaths? Or, alternatively, perhaps Berlinski just lives with really liberal cats who finally decided to make their opinions known; she is the author of "There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters."

Photo via Hyde Peranitti/Shutterstock.

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