Cathy Horyn Continues Her Pro-Marc Jacobs Crusade At Yale, Students Don't Care

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New York Times chief fashion critic Cathy Horyn left the ivory tower to go to the Ivy League yesterday, speaking to Yale undergrads at an informal tea. But the Yale kids, it seems, weren't exactly beating one another down to grab seats at her talk. As the article in the Yale Daily Herald on Horyn's visit begins, "Although the crowd of couture lovers at Yale may warrant a label reading size petite, fashion critic Cathy Horyn brought a critical approach Monday to an oft-neglected campus art: fashion." Well, snap. Yalies, it seems don't give a fuck about fashion on many levels. Horyn told the "predominantly female crowd of about 60 students" that she likes her job because she gets to write about whatever the fuck she wants and a firm hand is never even raised to her beloved prose: "If Armani pulls his ads, no one blames me and I don't have to worry about it — so I don't," she says. Wow. A subtle dig at the fashion mag editors who pander to designers? We're sure the students appreciated that!


Additionally, Horyn chose to once again champion Marc Jacobs' just-shown Spring/Summer 2008 collection, which most fashion critics hated. And what is it about Marc's work that makes Ms. Cathy's heart go pitter patter? "Shocking someone today on the runway is really hard. Marc Jacobs — being two hours late — was definitely shocking." Who knew it was that easy to please Cathy Horyn!

And so what did the Yalies conclude about their teatime with CH? "It was nice to have someone speak seriously and be taken seriously," said one student; "I think that a lot of what people said might have gone over people's heads," said another; "Yale students tend not to have much sense of how to dress ... but she also spoke about business, so it was geared towards its audience," said yet another. As for the dean who organized the whole gathering? "Only some of the names [she spoke of] rang a bell to me." Another great success on Cathy Horyn's part on translating the fashion industry to those outside of it!

Horyn Snubs Fawning Fashion Reviews [Yale Daily News]



Dear Jennifer,

I find your entry's title misleading, to say the least. The YDN (read: Yale Daily News, not the Yale Herald, and certainly NOT the concoction of a name you provided to make false claims) was rightfully pointing out the small yet very much alive percentage of the student population interested in the fashion industry.

But just because Yale isn't FIT or Parsons, this doesn't mean a significant number of students don't snag the NYT Sunday Styles in the dining halls or anxiously wait to pick up this month's Vogue at the post office . Actually, BoredPHDiva, you might be surprised that in the past three years, fashion has found an outlet on a campus that has now seen a number of successful fashion shows every semester, a fashion group, and a student publication. Believe it or not, but at Yale fashion does concern a certain percentage of the Yale student population.

I mean, what sort of campus that doesn't "give a hoot about fashion" (here's to you, Ebabydoll) goes out of its way and through the necessary measures to procure two undeniably famous fashion figures as guest speakers, Anna Sui and Diane Von Furstenberg (2006)? Seeing as they must not have busy schedules at all, visiting Yale to speak before a completely apathetic audience must have been a huge incentive to trek up to New Haven, Connecticut in the first place.

Please don't take the easy way out and disparage any correlation between the words 'Yale' and 'fashion,' because it not only reaffirms your ignorance of what is actually going on at our school, but it also sets you up as tragic figures projecting stereotypes into a place you clearly have nothing to do with. Love it, hate it, love to hate it; not all Yalies are socially/fashionably handicapped.