Catholic Priest Has Encouraging (But Still Verboten) Sexual Relationship With Adult Woman

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Well, the good news is that a prominent member an order of priests notorious for child abuse hasn't himself abused any children. The bad news is that he broke his vow of chastity by fathering a child with a woman. The Vatican is pissed. Progress?


Father Thomas Williams, a spokesman for the Legion of Christ, admitted that he'd had himself some of that sex with a woman and fathered a child with her. This admission comes after a concerned whistleblower told Church leaders in Rome that they should look into Williams's penis's activities. And voila! The penis, it turned out, was up to no good.

The Legion of Christ has been in hot water pretty much from jump. Father Marcial Maciel, who founded the order in 1941, was later found to have basically been an insatiable sex maniac— he sexually abused several boys in Mexico and fathered children all over Europe and Latin America. According to ABC, Maciel was banned from ministry in 2006 after 20 men testified that Maciel had abused them. Eight members of the Legion of Christ are currently being investigated for child abuse.

Williams, for his part, is taking a year off from priest-ing to do some self-examination, and hopefully some ardent prayer. God hates it when you cheat on Him.



The Real Janelle

Fucking Legion. They arrived at my school when I was in 4th grade and turned it really ugly. The year after I left, the school priest abused some girls in 5th grade when they came for confessions. The parents were really distressed and told the other parents in their reunions, but the school never adressed the matter publicly and just brought another priest to replace the abuser.

I heard this from my mom, who was in that reunion, but no one did anything else either.