Catholic League Protesting Daily Show by Sending Advertisers Pictures of a Woman's Crotch

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Because focusing on bedroom issues like gay marriage and the inherent grave sinfulness of birth control isn't enough to sufficiently alienate an entire generation from the Catholic Church, the Catholic League has turned its sights on The Daily Show. After the Comedy Central program featured an image of a naked woman's crotch obscured by a manger, the League began unleashing some tough talk, threatening to convince advertisers to boycott the show unless Jon Stewart apologized. He hasn't apologized and only one advertiser has left, but the League of Extraordinary Catholics remains undaunted and has begun sending images of the nativity crotch to the show's advertisers. For hating sex so much, religious people sure seem obsessed with it.


The nativity crotch in question accompanied a story about the War on Women that aired last month. Following the segment, Catholic League President and overal spazz Bill Donohue wrote a very scary press release in which he threatened to unleash all the powers of Catholics who don't think Bill Donohue's kind of a nut (7) in convincing companies to stop advertising during The Daily Show. He busily issued increasingly hilarious and dire threats against Stewart et al, calling the manger picture "hate speech," and demanding an apology lest, I don't know, the Virgin Mary appear to Stewart and karate chop some sense into him.

On Monday, tiny, vagina manger sized victory! Delta Airlines pulled its advertising from the nightly satirical news broadcast. The Catholic League is claiming victory, even though Delta says their move had nothing to do with the content of the program.

But now, they've got bigger fish to fry. Despite their prodding, Kellogg's refuses to pull its advertising from the program, which Donohue says is exactly the same as the company "telling Christians to shove it." And they're ratcheting up the pressure on other companies, Comedy Central's parent company Viacom, and on the US Council of Catholic Bishops; according to breathless press releases from the last few days, they've all been sent big pictures of the crotch shot in the hope that they'll stop what they're doing and pay attention to a month-old story that everyone would have forgotten about if The Catholic League weren't so dead set on feigning its own crucifixion.

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I flew Delta cross-country a few times when I first moved to California. Three times - yes, thrice - I failed to make it to the opposite coast in one try. "Delta: Forcing you to spend nights in Atlanta motel rooms" should be there new motto.