Just when the War on Single Mothers looked like it may be over, one final, futile dud of a cannon ball is hurled by the Catholic League. It seems that Hilary Rosen, the pundit who said Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life," is not only a DEMOCRAT but also a LESBIAN, and because of that, she's less of a parent by their standards than Ann Romney, who personally gave birth to the children she raised. Kids don't count unless you shot them out of your own vagina, and they especially don't count if you're gay.

The Republican National Committee has slammed the Catholic League's super bitchy tweet, saying that they should be doing everything they can to encourage adoption rather than telling the world that they think adopted children are like unnatural faerie changelings raised by quasi witch-parents and lesbians. But the damage has been done, and in a moment of anger whatever cranky little intern priest the Catholic League's got tweeting for them let his true feelings be known.


We already know that the Catholic League hates birth control, and hates the abortion-having sluts that get themselves pregnant, but now we know that they also hate the women who adopt the children of the sluts who have babies because they didn't use birth control or have an abortion after they got pregnant. I'm starting to get a little inkling of a teensy suspicion that the Catholic League just doesn't like women very much.

Despite the fact that the RNC has called for the Catholic League to stop acting like a hypocritical turd on the internet, the organization's doubled down with some Christlike nastiness, tweeting, "Glad to know Hilary's fans are in a state of apoplexy. You'd think she was outed by their hysterical reaction. Get over it and grow up."


And also with you.

Got that, cast-aside Unwanteds? Your parents aren't as real as biological parents. The Catholic League says. So much for "getting back to issues of substance."