Remember that video that posed the question to pro-lifers: "How much time should women spend in prison for having an abortion were it to be outlawed?" None of people protesting outside of abortion clinics could come up with a suitable answer. (One brainiac even said, "Well, that's between [the woman] and God.") Well, Catholic Online columnist Matt C. Abbott, finally got around to figuring out a suitable sentence for women who seek abortions: 15 years to life. Although Mr. Abbott says that certain things should be taken into consideration when handing down such a hefty sentence:

Many [women] are coerced into procuring an abortion by their boyfriends, husbands, or parents. Certainly these women should be considered victims, not perpetrators.


Yes, because it's not at all possible that us lil' ladies could ever make decisions about our own bodies or future without the input of a man.

However, Abbott does give us "murderers" some credit:

In some cases, the abortion-seeking woman is indeed the perpetrator. She knows very well what she's doing. She's not coerced by anyone. Perhaps she's even going against the wishes of her loved ones. This is the woman who should be treated as a criminal.


Okay, so if we listen to our parents/boyfriends/husbands and get the abortion then we're the victims. But if we don't listen to our parents/boyfriends/husbands and get the abortion then we're the bad guys? Yeah, that logic sounds about right, as far as pro-life jibber-jabber goes. Some of us here were raised Catholic, so we're used to it. In fact, it's so homey and familiar, that at this point, it's tantamount to Nana's Alzheimer ramblings—it's worrisome and sad, but we also can't help but giggle at it.

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