Catholic Bishops Want Every Business Including Taco Bell to Be Free to Deny Birth Control Coverage

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Hey, look who it is poking its funny hats into the birth control debate! It's the Catholic Church again, and they're here tell the government that God wants every business owner to have the right to deny their female employees coverage for birth control. Even Taco Bell. Especially Taco Bell.


The Church, which is run by a bunch of dudes who are committed to celibacy, has called for the dispersal of all the Waaahmbulances in the world to their door as they complain about the new mandate, which would require all employers (with extremely rare exception) to provide birth control coverage for their female employees. Refusing to grant a religious exemption to church-run hospitals and universities is akin to infringing on religious freedom, they argue.

Well, now they've kicked the whining up a notch, demanding that the government allow every business in the country to opt out of covering contraception, not just religious-run institutions. Why? Because some people don't like it. Says an attorney for the US Council of Catholic Bishops, "If I quit this job and opened a Taco Bell, I'd be covered by the mandate."

Why in the world would the Catholic Bishops think they're the only class of people in America who have a special exception to the law made for them so that they don't have to pay for things they don't personally support? And why do they think that faith-based objections to things should trump reality-based objections? I don't support war for real reasons, but I pay taxes. I didn't support the idea of the old dudes I used to work with having sex with their mistresses with the aid of Viagra, but I still paid my insurance premiums. And I don't support the stink eye that the guy who works behind the counter at the bagel shop gave me the other day, but I still paid for my food.

Further, no one is forcing anyone to take birth control pills, and 98% of women will use hormonal birth control at some point during their lives. Rather than seeking to seeking to limit choices, the Church should get better at convincing people that birth control is bad. But then again, the Church has never excelled at allowing people to govern their own bodies. That seems like the opposite of what they're about.

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A fun little tweek I think should go with this law: Any company who refuses to cover birth control should be legally required to offer a years paid maternity leave, pumping breaks and in house child are until the age of 11. Let's see how quick they change their tune....