Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Not Anorexic

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  • Catherine Zeta-Jones is speaking out! She wants you to know that, despite the rumors, she is not anorexic. Uh, we never even heard those rumors. [People]
  • Owen Wilson's interview on MySpace — conducted by director Wes Anderson — covered a lot of topics, but not Wilson's suicide attempt. [People]
  • Halle Berry has told Actors Studio host James Lipton that when her father beat her sister and mother, "it was the worst year" of her life. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years old. [Mirror]
  • Is Britney Spears dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo? They were seen "hanging out" over the weekend. Last week we read he was dating One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, so whatever. [People]
  • Kevin Federline's girlfriend, Nicole Narain (known for starring in a sex tape with Colin Farrell) says Kevin has told her shocking things about Britney Spears: She breast-fed while drunk, she has crazy mood swings and she needs to be reminded not to leave the boys alone by the swimming pool. Actually, not so shocking anymore. We're getting desensitized to Brit. [The Sun]
  • In a poll by Maxim, the least sexy women include Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Winehouse, Madonna and Britney Spears. Ugh, like Maxim readers are so hot? [The Sun]
  • Kate Moss' nanny has quit, citing 24-hour days and "rootless" living arrangements as the reasons. [Daily Mail]
  • Ryan Gosling was seen at an Urban Outfitters in New York "stocking up on flannel shirts." Maybe he's going to be that paper towel guy for Halloween? [Page Six]
  • Natalie Portman couldn't get a table without a reservation in a New York restaurant, despite flashing the manager a smile, yawn. [Page Six]
  • Michelle Williams may move from Brooklyn to Manhattan — her brownstone is too big for just her and the baby, says a source. Bet she won't go to SoHo, since that's where ex Heath Ledger is said to be looking. [Page Six]
  • Rapper Missy Elliott gave singer Ciara an "enormous diamond necklace" for her birthday. Hmm, more than just friends? [Page Six]
  • A new Belvedere Vodka campaign shot by Terry Richardson will feature actor/director Vincent Gallo. Let the dirty hipster chic commence. [Page Six]
  • Blind item! "Which magazine columnist with superior airs fakes a friendship with a leading dame of American TV - just so he can get tips from her dinner parties and mock her mercilessly afterward?" [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • Michael Lohan on daughter Lindsay's new boyfriend, Riley Giles: "I think the kid is great... She's finally met someone who is not a celebrity." A former drug addict and alleged prescription forger, but not a star, yay! [Rush & Molloy, 4th from bottom]
  • Heidi Klum has no regrets about her interview with Oprah in which she talked about hubby Seal's "package." Klum says Oprah has the power to get guests to talk about anything: "She has a spell in her eyeballs that when she looks at you, you are like, 'Yes.'" [People]


She was a retail whore

I think you could find more people who had forgotten that Catherine Zeta-Jones exists than who believe that she is anorexic.

And poor Sophia Bush. I hope this guy wasn't still her boyfriend when he hooked up with Britney, but if he was, it would be just another one in a long line of horrible men SB has been with.

Also, I'm happy that Portman couldn't get a table without a reservation. Every now and then, the world just has to treat celebrities like real people, so that when they inevitably complain about how they'd like to live normal lives and be treated like everybody else, I can chortle evilly.

I love Heidi Klum, and hope with all my soul that her kids end up speaking her brand of English.