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Cate Blanchett Breaks Our Hearts. Again.

Illustration for article titled Cate Blanchett Breaks Our Hearts. Again.

The benevolent, kind-hearted side of us wouldn't wish illness on anyone (well maybe Karl Rove). But we really, really, really hope that temporary sickness — of a physical, not mental sort — can explain Cate Blanchett's startlingly skeletal, is-she-even-menstruating-at-this-point? physique at Monday's Costume Institute Gala. Yeah, we realize that a certain other Jezebel lady went gaga over Cate's dress. But when an amazingly talented, strong-minded and self-possessed woman like Cate Blanchett starts showing up with sharp-edged collarbones and brittle-looking hair, we just want to fucking puke. And no, not in a bulimic way.


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