Introducing new cats to each another can go one of two ways—they can either get along and start to play/plot your demise or they can decide they hate each other and...start to play/plot your demise.


This is Mishka, a 6 year old Munchkin Napoleon Kitty meeting Cayenne, a Scottishfold Munchkin kitten. You can tell Mishka is done with Cayenne's crap almost from the beginning. If the video cuteness is not proof enough that these cats are FREAKING ADORABLE, check out their Instagram page. I literally have no reasonable justification for posting these pictures. Please forgive me for overloading you with cat right now.


If it's not clear how much Mishka hates Cayenne, I offer you this definitive proof:

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Team Cat Headquarters here,

We are very pleased that Human Burt has promoted our latest, has shared this random video of our highly trained deadly assasi.. uh, that is adorable and unindoctrinated fellow cats engaging in unrehearsed and obviously spontaneous frivolity. Rest assured there is no global conspiracy at play here, there are just two cats simply being cats. There is talk of a secret society of "Feline Masons" or "Catluminatti", of course there is no such thing. Please enjoy this viral video of two cats enjoying a playful day together and know that it is most definitely not a video of a kitten being brainwashed into the monarch program, because that would be ridiculous. Enjoy!

Carry on.