'Cat Man' Walks Nine Cats in a Stroller Around Tokyo

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What better way to spend your retirement than walking around with nine pampered, beautiful cats in a stroller all day?


You know how at the end of Trading Places Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd are toasting each other on that tropical island because they have zillions of dollars and are now living the dream? If that movie were filmed today the ending would be Ackroyd and Murphy walking strollers filled with nine cats. Because that is the actual real dream. A Japanese man who owns nine gorgeous Chinchilla and Himalayan cats is living it, every day. Via Rocket News:

[People] have been drawn to one of the newcomers to the street scene in Tokyo, a recently retired man who goes by the name "Kyushu Neko Ojisan" (lit.The Cat Man from Kyushu). Retirement for this gent means he's now free to walk his nine adorable cats in a baby buggy around Tokyo. And his crowds of admirers are growing with every stroll he takes. The Cat Man became a minor celebrity in Kagoshima, Kyushu, after a job transfer led him there six years ago. Separated from his family for work, he became known for walking his cats in a stroller through Kagoshima's famous Tenmonkan Arcade on the weekends.


After Cat Man retired, he moved to Tokyo and brought his cat stroller menagerie with him. People stop him to pose for pictures all the time and the cats seem to enjoy it (but who knows with cats because they pretty much hate everything we do for them, period). Cat Man says his cats are so well-adjusted to being outdoors because of all the attention they get from strangers. You can friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter to learn all about his wonderful cats, if you are inclined to do such things.

If your first reaction to this story was to immediately change your life goal from "become a doctor/lawyer/sex billionaire" to "spend golden years leisurely walking around with nine cats in a stroller", don't worry! You're in very good company. I sent an email to Edward Jones asking if they have a retirement savings plan that focuses on building a portfolio to support cat stroller walking. I have not heard back yet.


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